A popular booklet examining the psychology of each zodiac sign, with the added significance of cardinal, mutable, and fixed signs. Features illustrations of the Zodiac from 'Atlas Celeste' by John Flamsteed. It has always seemed to me that character analysis is the most important branch of astrology. Evangeline Adams once told me that her clients nearly always asked one or more of three questions. 'Will I be rich?' 'Will I be healthy?' 'Or will I find a compatible marriage partner?' The third question comes in two parts: 'Will I get the right one, or will I get rid of the one I have?' While this attitude toward astrology is understandable, it seems as though the stars in their course have something more important to tell us about ourselves. Those born under the various signs of the zodiac have special lessons to learn. As most of our problems originate in ourselves, it is useful to discover, if possible, the best way to use our planetary endowments. Parents should have horoscopes of their children, for the potentials of character can be found from the chart long before they can be recognized in the disposition of a small child. There would not be so many misfits if we could assist by recognizing aptitudes and abilities. While it is true that emotional relationships are likely to transcend astrological judgment, some unfortunate marriages or alliances could be avoided. Astrodiagnosis will help to determine functional or organic hazards, and is an excellent way to prevent ailments form arising as well as the psychological aspects of illness.
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Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types

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